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How We Work: Welcome

How We Work

General Questions Answered

What certifications and insurance do you have?

We are a licensed California S. Corporation. Our company holds an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyds of London.  We are good standing members of the ACNA (Antiques & Collectables National Association).

We have strong relationships with many appraisers and buyers at many auction houses in Southern California.

How do you handle safety and security issues?

We have an open door policy allowing our clients to be part of the sorting, appraising and selling process. If the client ops out of this process, our team will text the point of contact when we arrive on the premises and when we leave.  We welcome security cameras and "unexpected visits" from owners and benefactors.

How long have you been conducting estate sales?

Our owner, Aime McCrory has been conducting estate sales full time for almost fifteen years.  Prior to forming

Aime McCrory Estate Sales and Liquidations Services

 she was the co-owner of one of the most prestigious estate sales companies in Los Angeles.

How are you different from other estate sale companies?

Whether you are considering a  traditional estate sale or you are looking to liquidate  your estate privately to one source, we have the customers and clientele to  make that happen.

What areas does Aime McCrory Estate Sales work in?

Generally we work from South Orange County to the San Fernando Valley and throughout greater Los Angeles.  We are based in both Newport Beach and in the San Fernando Valley.

What percentage do you charge? Do you have any out  of pocket fees?

We believe that any reputable estate sales company should NOT charge clients any out of pocket fees to host their estate sale, whether that is to pay their staff, security or for advertising the estate sales.  We work on a percentage of gross sales which is determined by the gross value and size of the estate.
If we are appraising personal property contained within an estate for probate or benefactors we charge an hourly rate.

How is accounting and payment handled?

Our clients are given a daily accounting total each sales day. A gross total is also provided at time of payment, which is often the last estate sale day. If client is out of town payment payment is normally sent within 48 hours of sale completion.

How do you deal with Covid 19?

While we follow the city and state mandates, we strongly emphasize that ALL ARE WELCOME.  If needed, we have buyers and customers entering the premises sign a Covid release of liability waiver, protecting both our clients and our company.

How We Work: FAQ
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